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Lower Your Expectations

to Zero PPM

We effectively treat hydrocarbon gases and remove H2SMercaptansOxygenates

3-5 Times Longer
Run Times

More cost effective per
pounds of sulfur removed


Less caking and


Saturated media can be
disposed of in landfills

H2S Removal

Long run times Equals less cleanouts

You are in the business of producing. Use a scavenger product that keeps you producing. (H2S)ZERO runs longer, reacts faster, with fewer and easier cleanouts; so you have less downtime. When all factors are considered, (H2S)ZERO, has a treated cost/mcf of less than half that of a leading competitor. Download our case study and see!

H2S Scavenger

The (H2s)Zero Advantage

Sweetening natural gas has long been a challenge, not only for the safety and well-being of those around it but also as a sales prerequisite. (H2S)ZERO is engineered specifically for that purpose. To find out more about H2S removal visit our resources page.


(H2S)ZERO is a drop-in replacement for any (H2S) abatement system utilizing granular, solid, or scavenger products. Our performance is so strong that some customers have replaced their liquid triazine systems in favor of (H2S)ZERO. Lower your expectations to 0ppm.


(H2S)ZERO is transported using standard super sack technology. One semi-truck can accommodate 22 sacks for a maximum load of 44,000 pounds. Our best-in-class supply chain system can deliver the smallest to largest loads all over the world.


Cleaning is rarely fun but, it’s necessary. With (H2S)ZERO the contact tower is cleaned out less often because of our long run times. Say yes to less cleaning, less expense, and longer performance. (H2S)ZERO is non-hazardous exceeds landfill requirements and passes TCLP.

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The X factor for Oxygenate Removal Non carrier supported, 95%+ active material. The solid media treatment leader in Oxygenate removal from Natural Gas Liquids .