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H2S Scavenger

What is an H2S scavenger?

An H2S Scavenger is a specialized chemical or additive widely used in hydrocarbon and chemical processing facilities. These specialized chemicals react selectively with and remove H2S to help meet product and process specifications.
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a product of the thermal conversion of decayed organic matter. H2S is a toxic, flammable, and colorless gas and is a naturally occurring component of natural gas in some areas. Hydrogen sulfide is the predominant impurity in natural gas. Natural gas is classified as sour when H2S is present in amounts greater than 4 ppm. Sweetening natural gas is the process of removing hydrogen sulfide and is predominately done using a H2S Scavenger.

The ideal H2S scavenger system initiates an instantaneous and irreversible reaction to remove H2S with no effect on oil, gas, or fuel quality. It helps reduce the potential for corrosion in equipment and pipelines maintaining asset integrity and reducing equipment maintenance and replacement cost. H2S scavengers play a vital role in guaranteeing gas specifications. The patented H2S Zero family of scavenger products increase the speed and efficiency of removal from Gas and NGL (Natural Gas Liquids). We are successfully treating at the well head and in mid stream and down stream applications working with producers, landfills, COS stream, Biogas applications, Renewable Gas and Liquid Hydrocarbons.

Industries we serve

H2SZero is one of the leading H2S scavenger manufacturers and exporters with a strong team of well-qualified engineers, we, H2, offer you an environmentally friendly and economical solution for hydrocarbon and chemical processing facilities. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a toxic, flammable, and colorless gas commonly present in the hydrocarbon processing industry. During oil and gas operations, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) can be a component of formation gasses dissolved in water and hydrocarbons. It is corrosive, extremely hazardous, and lethal at high concentrations. These hydrocarbon processing facilities use hydrogen sulfide scavengers to maintain plant workers’ safety, productivity and eliminate odor emissions.

Benefits of H2S scavengers

Benefits of the H2S Zero family of H2S Scavengers include:

Application methods for liquid abatement include:

Solid Abatement uses a media bed or pressure vessel. Here is a look at how Liquid abatement stacks up against our H2S Zero family of products.
The H2S Zero family of H2S Scavenger products are the clear winner in treating technologies. Our chemistries have been formulated to meet specific requirements for commercial demand addressing factors such as reaction rate. health and safety, odor control, and operational efficiencies. In addition to H2S, we have successfully removed Mercaptans, Sulfides, and Oxygenates in upstream, midstream and downstream applications. Contact us today to discuss your specific application

Customizations and features

We can customize our base chemistries to meet specific requirements in terms of commercial demand, health and safety, odor control, and operational efficiencies.

Whether it is a base product or a unique customized blend, we can satisfy the expectations of your business, like different vapor pressures, pH levels, or flow rates.

We bring synergies for new applications through our experience in H2S and mercaptan removal in landfill gas, wastewater treatment, upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors of refineries.

We change the features of scavenger systems for your specific applications by using construction materials like FRC, PVC, CPVC, etc., for long-lasting results.

Frequently Asked Questions

An H2S scavenger, or a scavenger chemical, is a specialized chemical frequently employed in hydrocarbon and chemical processing plants.

H2S scavenger triazine removes H2S from crude oil, steam-assisted gravity drainage, liquefied petroleum gas, and natural gas.

  • The general industry ceiling limit is 20 ppm.
  • The peak limit is 50 ppm (up to 10 minutes).

Yes, we can custom H2S scavenger based on the needs of facilities in different industries.

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