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H2S Removal

As an H2S scavenger manufacturer and exporter with a strong team of well-qualified engineers, we, H2, offer you an environmentally friendly and economical solution for hydrocarbon and chemical processing facilities.

Why H2S scavenger?


Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a toxic, flammable, and colorless gas commonly present in the hydrocarbon processing industry. During oil and gas operations, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) can be a component of formation gasses dissolved in water and hydrocarbons. It is corrosive, extremely hazardous, and lethal at high concentrations. These hydrocarbon processing facilities use hydrogen sulfide scavengers to maintain plant workers’ safety, productivity and eliminate odor emissions.

Hydrogen sulfide scavenger initiates an instantaneous and irreversible reaction to remove H2S with no effect on oil, gas, or fuel quality, and it safely eliminates the rotten egg odor. It helps reduce the potential for corrosion in equipment, tubular, and pipelines. Thus sulfide scavenger maintains asset integrity and reduces equipment maintenance and replacement cost. H2S scavengers play a vital role in guaranteeing oil specifications and improving production performance. Our H2S scavenger increases the speed and efficiency of hydrogen sulfide removal from crude oil, field condensate, atmospheric gas oil, and natural gas.

Industries we serve

We serve various industries worldwide. Some of them are

  • Oil and gas: Hydrogen sulfide scavengers reduce the presence of high H2S concentrations and prevent employees from hemorrhage and death risks.

  • Chemical and food processing

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Plating/metal finishing

  • Controlling odors in lagoons, lift stations, and sludge

  • Ethanol production plants

  • Refineries

  • Pulp and paper

  • Water treatment: Works in reducing water-related odor problems arising from the release of hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, ammonia, and removing sulfide from wastewater streams.
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Benefits of H2S scavengers

  • Hydrogen sulfide scavengers improve general operations and maintenance of personnel safety in the workplace.

  • The preservation of an equipment’s mechanical integrity also improves with H2S scavengers. Thus it raises the longevity of equipment.

  • You can reduce production and compression equipment costs by using our H2S scavenger.

  • We help you minimize annual emissions tonnage in the plants.

  • Your workers can be free from environmental and safety risks.

  • Your downstream H2S-monitoring expenses also will get reduced.

  • Companies can cut down the budget allocated for safety personnel.

  • You can minimize downstream H2S contamination with our H2S scavengers.

  • Due to no H2S content environment, the company can achieve a steady flow of sales and no downstream shut-in.

Customization and features

  • We, H2, can customize our base chemistries to meet specific requirements in terms of commercial demand, health and safety, odor control, and operational efficiencies.

  • We bring synergies for new applications through the valuable experience we gained in H2S and mercaptan removal in landfill gas, wastewater treatment, upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors of refineries.

  • Whether it is a base product or a unique customized blend, we can satisfy the expectations of your business, like different vapor pressures, pH levels, or flow rates.

  • We change the features of scavenger systems for your specific applications by using construction materials like FRC, PVC, CPVC, etc., for long-lasting results.

  • We, H2, manufacture conventional MEA Triazine H2S scavengers
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Frequently Asked Questions

A hydrogen sulfide (H2S) scavenger is a specialized chemical frequently employed in hydrocarbon and chemical processing plants.

H2S scavenger triazine removes H2S from crude oil, steam-assisted gravity drainage, liquefied petroleum gas, and natural gas.

  • The general industry ceiling limit is 20 ppm.
  • The peak limit is 50 ppm (up to 10 minutes).

Yes, we can custom H2S scavenger based on the needs of facilities in different industries.

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