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H2S Process

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a naturally occurring and predominant impurity within natural. Natural gas is predominantly methane and can contain up to 20 percent of other hydrocarbons like butane, propane and ethane. The patented family of H2S Zero products are the most efficient and economical way of removing H2S and low molecular weight mercaptans in most cases.

A scavenger or scrubber, is a chemical compound that reacts with H2S. It can be either a liquid, traditionally triazine, or a solid, such as the patented line of H2S Zero products of mixed metal oxide absorbent catalysts. Unlike liquid systems requiring constant monitoring of H2S levels for proper dosing of the liquids, H2S Zero’s line of products are completely self regulating in their reaction with the Hydrogen Sulfide. In addition, they create no undesirable side effects like solids generation, scaling, corrosion, and emulsion issues.

The process begins with the scavenger tower


 A typical example is shown here.

The tower will have a support structure. We provide a series of screens and an engineered foam pad as a base for the H2S Zero catalyst. The media is loaded either via a dump method or in some cases sock loading. Gas can either flow from the top down, typical, or from the bottom up. The H2S ZERO absorbent catalyst reacts with the Hydrogen Sulfide in the gas effectively removing it as the gas moves through the tower.

During the reaction process, H2S is converted into an innocuous, nonhazardous compound with no resulting emissions. This is clearly a win for the environment and can help reduce a companies’ carbon footprint over other forms of treatment.

Solid Bed H2S Scavenger Units are designed to remove hydrogen sulfide effectively and safely and have the flexibility of being placed in different locations based on the processing requirements in any given facility.  Solid Bed H2S Scavengers are ideal solutions for upstream, midstream and downstream applications to removing H2S protecting both personnel and downstream equipment from hazardous and highly corrosive hydrogen sulfide.

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